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Sunday Supper: The Dog and Pig Show

I love the films of Edgar Wright.

Not exactly food blog related, but stick with me.

Hey! That shot has ketchup in it!

I love the films of Edgar Wright. In Hot Fuzz, his homage to the tropes of cop movies, there is this recurring joke that keeps happening. (You know….cause it’s recurring.) This bumbling reporter is interviewing a bumbling cop on the scene of a grizzly murder and instead of asking him anything related to the murder, he asks, “What is your perfect Sunday?”

It’s small, silly moment, but it made me think about my perfect Sunday.

Sundays can be tough. I’m prone to the Sunday blues. It’s hard to break up with the weekend and get back on the weekly grind.

But my perfect Sunday looks a lot like last Sunday did. Brunch, a little cleaning (it must be done), a nap (again, it must be done), an Edgar Wright movie, and a bitchin’ dinner.

I’m not sure how I found The Dog and Pig Show. Probably from some shameless Instagram stalking. Their carry-out shop in Church Hill is on point. It is beautifully designed with a gorgeous menu, drawing equally from Southern and Asian influences. Like shrimp and grits with bacon butter, kimchi and roe. Or pimento grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato jam, bacon and avocado. And the baked goods. Heavenly.

When I found out they did monthly Sunday Suppers, I had to go. So I could eat all the things and chase the blues away.

The dinner was held at the owner’s home, which was absolutely lovely. As was the company. I always get nervous in a situation where I’m meeting a group of strangers and I’m going to have to sit with them for a whole evening. What if we have nothing to talk about? What if we literally cannot find anything in common to discuss? Are we just going to sit and stare at each other and say, “So……………………………………………………………….hot out there.”

But, it’s never the case. This was a really diverse, fun group of people and we all had something pretty fundamental in common: a love of food. And thankfully, there was plenty of that to go around.

The Sunday Suppers are booked through the end of the summer. But let’s face it, maybe you have the Monday Malaise. Or the Tuesday Troubles. Or the Wednesday Worries. Or the Thursday Thadness. Or the Friday Fears. Or the Saturday Sadness.

YES. OK. CALM DOWN. I was reaching a bit on Thursday.

Get yourself to The Dog and Pig Show any day of the week. It will cure what ails you.

Basil Gimlet. Plus, my red Toms!

Basil Gimlet. Plus, my red Toms!

Roast Duck and Scallop spring roll with spicy pickled cucumbers. I did not have the scallop because I am allergic, but I'm sure it would've been great.

Roast Duck spring roll with spicy pickled cucumbers. Non-allergy havers had a version with roast duck and scallops. 

Build Your Own Ramen. Sweet and Spicy and just lovely.

Build Your Own Ramen. Sweet and Spicy and just lovely.

Bruleed peach with white chocolate wasabi cream and molasses crumble

Bruleed peach with white chocolate wasabi cream -and molasses crumble. The textures were INSANE.

The Dog and Pig Show is at 314 N. 25th Street in Richmond, VA. Hours are Tuesday – Friday 11a-7p and Saturday 9a-3p.

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